Our Investment Management Approach

At Tier One Wealth Management, we have a client centric approach that focuses on a collaboration between our clients and an entire team of professionals that specialize in all areas of the tax, estate and financial planning process. Through this comprehensive approach in combination with our proprietary asset management strategies, we strive to deliver our clients with the best possible financial outcomes relative to their risk tolerance, time horizons and overall financial goals. 

Portfolio performance and diverification are both important. Many new investment products and strategies have been deveopled in recent years, each presenting different rates of return and risk. We help manage your wealth through customized investment solutions based on professional analysis and your financial assets and goals.

Our investment models are based on a broad market approach and risk mitigation strategies in which are designed to create defined outcomes based on forecasted variables, which are derived from proprietary analysis of micro and macro systemic economic trends in combination with a complex technical analysis overlay. Through the utilization of structured products and liquid investments we are able to design portfolios that seek benchmark equivalent returns with a lower amount of standard deviation and volatility to the portfolio. We also utilize structured products that may hedge or even have the potential to create positive returns in a declining market environment.  These investments allow us to take a defensive position when the models variables tell us it may be appropriate to do so. 

Our asset management approach is also designed to be tax efficient and reduce annual turnover to being taxed at more favorable long-term capital gains rates. The terms of the investment are designed by their nature to have a holding period in excess of one year, and do not generate income interest that may commonly be taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

While the general parameters of the portfolio models are designed to be systematic, these models are very actively managed and we can and may take additional action by the utilization of option contract derivatives, should we feel additional exposure needs to be hedged or increased. As with all investments these strategies are designed to reduce risk but do not eliminate the potential for loss.

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